TCS security solutions works with a combination of gps/gprs and gsm signals. The signals are provided by the gps satellites, which covers entire world. The gps transmitted signals are received by the tracker installed in your vehicle, which calculates its exact position based on the info received from multiple satellites. The data is then passed using gsm/gprs, via cell phone infrastructure, to the central TCS security solutions server for further processing and collation.


The entire TCS security solutions application has been designed to relieve the user experience while tracking vehicles. All application features are available to the client through the browser itself. The web application is supported across all modern browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome etc


TCS security solutions provide diverse reports and various functions give priceless insights on various parameters like idle time of the vehicle , distance covered , ignition on-off status, AC on-off status , door open-close status, over speeding, harsh brake etc . This allows you to minimize your operational expenses and enhance productivity.


Points of Interest are created by the user. These may be start point & end point of route. Reporting time & leaving time of the interested location & deviations, if any, can be communicated.


TCS security solutions allows you to monitor speed of your vehicles, also allowing you set over speed limit on per vehicle basis. All speed violations are reported and stored for later analysis by the users. By monitoring the speed data, you can reduce the wear and tear cost of your vehicle to a large extent.


TCS security solutions allows you to set a route that user expects his vehicle to cover while moving from one location to the other. In case of any deviation by the driver, Client is notified via email alerts and SMS. The data can be archived for a future reference, if desired.


Each vehicle can be fenced to specific requirement. Client is notified when the vehicle enters or goes out of the specified fence, the feature provide ultimate comfort to the user by communicating vehicle movement in prescribed fence. TCS allows you to create multiple fence for one vehicle.


Allows a passenger/driver to send a SOS message to pre-defined numbers (up to 5 mobile numbers) by pressing a button installed in the vehicle. One panic button can be installed in one vehicle at a convenient location for the passenger preferably on the back side of the driver seat and connected to the TCS Smart Tracker Device.


High precision Fuel sensor installed for heavy vehicles and calibrated as per tank to monitor fuel levels. Fuel level information for last stoppage location MIS reports for fuel level reading against speed and distance covered by vehicle.


Special series has engine cut as its device feature as well as full vehicle monitoring.


Vehicle AC On Off Alarms


TCS GPS Tracking Software will give Device Disconnect Alarm.